My Conservative Journey, Part 1: The Years Before Donald Trump By Peter Moon

PLEASE NOTE: No real names or locations names’ will be used for the individual’s or organizations legal, ethical, and social protection. This series of posts will be about my journey to becoming the Conservative I am today. My journey is long, and my story is somewhat unique. This first portion is going to be about my experiences and the time before 2015. Some events are still fuzzy to my recollection, but most of them are still crystal clear. My first exposure to politics that I can remember happened in the fifth grade; it was the fall of 2011, and the second general election of Obama’s reign over this country was in full swing. While the Republicans had not yet chosen Mitt Romney (the Mormon businessman who eventually won the nomination) as their front runner, the race was still interesting. One thing I remember was our 5th grade teacher telling us, “Democrats usually want to help poor people, while Republicans usually want to help rich people.” Does this strike anyone else as wrong? At the time, I really didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know that that my teacher was doing was fundamentally swaying our class. She didn’t explicitly say “Go vote for Democrats”. But, she did fail to mention that Republicans usually want lower taxes, which means that “poor people” don’t have to pay as much money to the government, or that Democrats are more prone to using identity politics, which in some cases, is against the idea of being colorblind or not seeing gender as a weighted issue (women are better than men, or vice versa in some cases). I told my mother what the teacher had said, and she told me that what the teacher had done was wrong; if she ever did it again, I should tell her that she needs to talk to my mother. Thankfully, that was it from the teacher as far as partisan politics went; however, a former friend of mine later that quarter then asked me who I was supporting. I didn’t really know much about politics back then; I was in the fifth grade, after all. I told him I was in favor of Romney; he scoffed and said in a disgusted voice: “Romney’s a businessman.” I thought: What’s wrong with a businessman? It was really confusing to me, and later I concluded he was a young Democrat.  During the time of Obama, I grew up in my faith. In school, we were taught the history of the past. For a time, I fell in love with Roman Numerals. We were also taught about Islam; this is where my second large ‘indoctrination’ event in my life occurred. It was in my seventh-grade history class. During our learning of the Middle East’s past, we got past the times of the Sumerian kingdoms and the Egyptian rule of the land and stopped along the history train to talk religion. In our day, people will freak out if we teach Christianity as a religious belief in schools. In fact, there has been a recent push in 2019 to implement optional Bible literacy courses. The liberals will freak out if someone like Donald Trump, a moderate Christian is positively spoken about. However, these same people have no problem with the teaching of Evolution as a belief, not as a theory, as well as the entirety of the Islamic belief system. Our textbook taught about Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all in a single chapter. Each chapter was broken up into sections numbered from 3 each to sometimes 5 in each. Each religion got a section of their own; in my opinion, Christianity was only taught partially in its wholeness. I’m not a Jew, and am not steeped in the Jewish faith system, so I can’t speak for the teaching of the Jewish way of faith. However, then it came to Islam. It taught less about the beliefs of the darker side of Islam (Sharia law, ISIS, and the entire part about treatment of the infidels and women parts). It taught about the Five Pillars, the Mecca journey, and the belief of the Muslims’ claim to Jerusalem, but it did not mention the Muslim’s part in all the Crusades. And then, after this chapter, we took another chapter on Islam, or the life of Muhammad. However, even then, I don’t believe we even were taught on the violent life of the prophet, where he was the warlord, took a child as a wife (literally), and how he was also illiterate. If you personally want to learn about the real side of Islam, please check out Steven Crowder’s series of videos on it. I personally support parts of the idea of “Separation of Church and State”; the government should not regulate or interfere with religions, and the religions should not be able to control the government with their ideologies if they are violent or are out of their doctrinal beliefs. However, isn’t it weird that we were taught the nice sides of Islam, then taught about the Crusades as if they were completely Christian caused? Should a government-run school be able to teach the entirety of Islam, but ignore the other religions, or teach them at a lesser portion? In my belief, if you’re going to teach the history and customs of an entire religion (except the extremist parts, or even main ideals that aren’t really PC friendly), then you need to teach the entirety of any other religion. Doing what was done (to me) is promotion of that religion, not presentation of it. The next big political event that happened was in 2011. During September 11, the History channel ran a special on the 9/11 attacks. As I watched the recorded events that occurred, I grew more and more disdainful of the terrorists who had done the actions they had. Something about people intentionally smashing planes into buildings full of innocent people rubbed me the wrong way. At this point in history, I did not conclude that I was a Republican at heart; however, I did conclude that I was against terrorism of any kind. This included terrorism started by non-radical-Islamists (which meant school shootings, bomb threats, and that sort of thing). These events established another one of my beliefs. In 2014, my life changed with the important event of me accepting Jesus Christ as my savior. Previously, I had thought that I had done this as a young child. But I soon realized seconds after I prayed the prayer, that I had intentionally meant it. My childish attempt at reaching God had only been a show. I had not really considered the words I’d been saying back then, and had not meant them either. But that summer, I finally got right with God, and ensured that I was truly sorry for my actions, and that Jesus had died for my sins, and that he was the one who cleansed my sins. After I returned home that summer, I became more involved with religious ideas. In the fall of 2014, I discovered the YouTube channel known as “dockidds,” who was a traditionalist Christian YouTuber who had some ideas and ‘sermons which were more inflammatory than they were religious. However, one thing this man did well was expose Barack Obama and Pope Francis as (in his mind) “the Anti-Christ” and “False Prophet” respectively. While many of the things the man pointed out were more on the conspiracy side of thoughts, some of the things he brought out were very good points. One of the best things he stated was the fact that Obama, in 2006 gave a speech to the Coulter Renewal Conference, where he basically said that America should not use the Bible as it’s guiding word for its laws. In the speech, Obama took passages such as Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and the Sermon on the Mount out of context, and used them to paint a very bleak and bad picture of God’s Holy Word. First off, the Old Testament was written to the Jewish people. It was the Ten Commandments which were given to the Jewish people, by a Jew himself, and it was the Psalms which were used by the Jewish people to praise their God (or Jehovah), in the dark times of their many captivities by various nations. These passages do contain some inflammatory language. One of the biggest points previously used by the Left was the idea that God’s followers were commanded by him to attack, pillage, and destroy non-Jewish or non-Christian cities, because God commanded it in the Old Testament. However, the passages they refer to specifically were commands by God to the Jewish people to, in a sense, claim the land he’d given them, which meant that they needed to first rid it of potential enemies. Let’s apply that to our nation today: If Mexico were to claim California or Texas as “their land” which was given to them by God, wouldn’t they want to clear it of hostiles? Or, if someone were in your home, and they posed a threat to your family, wouldn’t you want to rid them so they didn’t keep posing a threat to your home? I’ve read the passages the Left has cited, and that’s the interpretation I eventually drew from it. Paul Kidd (“Dockidds” as he called himself on his channel) helped me establish some of the stances of my religious beliefs, as well as helped me realize why Obama was not the best man to support as a Christian. When the 2015-2016 school year began (my first year in high school), I became sick with a bad coughing problem. During this time out of school, my political thought grew, and I discovered my true ideal party: the Republican Party. I originally wrote this post in 2018 on I lifted this from that site, and have changed the wording and grammatical issues it had previously. Copyright issues should not exist, but if a claim is made, please know that this was completely written by me, and the websites’ owners have allowed a cross-posting operation which I am going through. Written By Peter Moon


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