New media: How conservatives win Gen-Z

How many people are really watching TV for politics? What age are they? Well according to Nielsen Live +7-day data, in 2017 CNN’s median age was 60, while the median age of the Fox News and MSNBC viewer was 65. This means there are two options that young people, for the most part, are taking.

Young people are either not paying attention to the news, or, they’re getting their news from, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and some young people from Facebook.

Therefore, we as conservatives need to take advantage of this new wave of information provided on new platforms. If we lose Gen Z, we lose the culture, we lose the politics.

  We need to present our ideals in a way that appeals to Gen Z. This can ONLY be attained by moving into the world of NEW media. So who’s doing it right? Who’s appealing to Gen Z? Well let’s look at an example, PragerU. Prager University is an online informational organization meant to arm conservatives and libertarians with facts and sources. They are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube especially with a large following, and on their website,

Their videos are 2-6 minutes long, all paragraphs sourced on their website. Their videos are made with high quality, with good animation, and are straight to the point.

Here’s the basic introduction and their goals

We as conservatives need to appeal to young people or, 

We. Will. Lose


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