Judge Kavanaugh Sent Susan Collins Text Message After Confirmation, Here’s What It Said

Justice Brett Kavanaugh reportedly sent Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) a text message right after he was confirmed into the Supreme Court and we now have the contents of that message. Collins was an important role in helping Kavanaugh to be confirmed despite the Democratic Party trying to assassinate his character with flimsy accusations.

Collins revealed the contents of Kavanaugh’s text message while speaking with Martha MacCallum of Fox News when she asked if Kavanaugh had been in contact with her since being confirmed. Collins answered the question with a brief response telling that she had only received one message from Kavanaugh since he was confirmed, but nothing else since. However, it was the message she received that put a smile on some faces.

Daily Caller stated, “Collins’ revelation came in response to a question from Fox News host Martha MacCallum about whether or not Kavanaugh has been in contact with her since the bitter confirmation battle concluded and he took his seat on the Supreme Court.

“I have not,” Collins responded. “I have gotten one text message from him right after it in which he said that he would work hard to make me proud and the American people proud.”

Collins relived the political and social ramifications of the Kavanaugh fight during the wide-ranging interview on Thursday night’s edition of “The Story With Martha MacCallum.”

“I felt so strongly that we were really at a critical point for our country,” Collins told MacCallum. “The Senate confirmation process is not a trial, but there are certain standards that we have to abide by, and if we are gonna throw overboard the presumption of innocence despite the complete lack of corroborating evidence even from Dr. Ford’s best friend, and if we were going to dispense with fairness, the rule of law, and due process, I really feared for what our country would become and whether anyone would be willing to put their name forth for public service. I mean, who would go through that?”

Collins raised the point that the Senate confirmation process is not a trial by any means. Kavanaugh was not on trial, but more like being interviewed. The Christine Blasey Ford fiasco was one massive attempt to prevent Kavanaugh from claiming a powerful seat on the Supreme Court, a job he could remain at for decades at his own discretion if he wishes.

She was extremely instrumental in helping Kavanaugh be confirmed, with her speech on the matter going viral. She voted to confirm Kavanaugh and it might have been her influence that helped others decide to vote YES as well.

Democrats might lose another seat in the Supreme Court if Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires soon considering her health issues and age. She’s 85-years-old, but once claimed she’d like to work five more years, taking her to 90, and also giving Democrats a chance to take her seat if President Donald Trump is not reelected in 2020. 

Ginsburg recently had cancerous nodules removed from her lungs and showed no signs of cancer following the procedure.


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