Bernie Accused Of Using Government To Target Political Enemy

We always hear about what a principled guy Bernie Sanders is. The media likes to pretend that he’s a politician who is above politics and partisanship despite the fact Bernie has been entrenched in Washington forever. Also, the guy endorsed Hillary Clinton who might be the most corrupt politician in modern history. Let’s cool it with this nonsense about Bernie being a good guy.

He represents everything that’s wrong with politics. 

Here’s the latest example.

From the Daily Caller

The office of Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders is being accused of wielding its political power in order to seek retribution against a Vermont business owner who ran an ad attacking Sanders over his hypocrisy.

Rodolphe “Skip” Vallee, the CEO of St. Albans-based gasoline distributor and retailer R.L. Vallee, is alleging that Sanders and his senior press adviser, Daniel McLean, conspired against the business owner by drumming up a class-action lawsuit, according to federal court documents.

Vallee, who owns more than 45 gas stations in and around Vermont, produced an anti-Sanders television advertisement that aired locally in September 2014. The advertisement criticized Sanders for lambasting “the rich” over receiving tax breaks and golden parachutes, while his wife Jane Sanders received a $200,000 golden parachute after her involvement in a land deal helped to bankrupt Burlington College while she was president.

The more we learn about Bernie the clearer it becomes that he’s a typical politician.

It really looks like he’s going to run again in 2020. Which would be great news for Trump.


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