Sanders Gets Called Out for Supporting $18 Billion Wall In 2013 But Opposing $5 Billion Wall Now

Fox News’ Bret Baier asked Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday why he supported funding an $18-billion border wall in 2013 but is opposed to the $5-billion border wall President Trump has asked Congress to fund.

Baier asked Sanders if he thinks Democrats and Republicans can reach a deal to prevent a government shutdown, pointing out that Trump has said he will shut down the government if $5 billion for a border wall isn’t included in the continuing resolution.

“I think border security is enormously important, but I think building a wall is a very costly and inefficient way to do that,” Sanders said. “And I’m not alone. I mean, many experts think that given the kind of technology that we have today, we can protect our southern border without building the wall and spending $5 billion.”

Baier then asked Sanders why the $5 billion is a nonstarter for him.

“Well, I’m saying that you have $5 billion as part of tens of billions more for a wall. What I’m saying right now, sometimes you vote for things that are part of a broad package,” Sanders said, before changing topics.


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