Hillary Forced to Respond To More Private Email Server Questions Per Court Order

Anyone ever notices how Hillary Clinton she says she is smart enough to be President but gives the ‘I am a dumb old lady that knows nothing about nothing.’ when questioned about her e-mails and server.

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Clinton claimed she had “no role” in the setup process of her email server. Let’s look at that for a second. She had to have given the green light to set one up. She then had to have told them her current email address to merge with her government email address. I am sure she told the IT supervisors what folders she needed to make, so I don’t believe she had “no role” in the set up of the private server.

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Secondly, she said it was set up out of “convenience.” That I believe is 100% true. She didn’t want to ask the government to do it because she would have been monitored if approved and turned down if she refused so she went this route.


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