BREAKING: Kaepernick Ready To Sign Deal With NFL Team That Leftists Call ‘Racist’

Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who went from a Super Bowl appearance with the San Francisco 49ers to a “knee-job” protester for social justice, is ready, willing, and hoping to sign with the Washington

The athlete who constantly battled for social justice and all sorts of political antics has placed his social justice warrior needs on the bench and realized that he might be able to sign a deal with the Redskins, whose name has been tormented by politically correct activists who dislike everything.

One minute Kaepernick is on a knee protesting, and the next minute he’s willing to ink a deal with the Redskins of all teams.

This is a team hated by activists and protesters who find everything offensive about everything, and now their posterboy is about to be at the helm of the squad.

Funny how money works.

It should be reported that Kaepernick might still be in the league if he had not walked away from a one-year contract extension with the 49ers, a decision he made on his own to exit the league. He was not banned, kicked out, or even shunned to say the least – not at that point.

It wasn’t until later when Kaepernick reportedly wanted bid player money, but teams may not have been willing to pay him top tier quarterback money after his previous season saw dwindling stats and him being benched.

Yahoo Sports stated:

“If the Washington Redskins are willing to pick up the phone and call Colin Kaepernick, two sources close to the former NFL quarterback said he is ready and willing to play for the franchise.

The sources told Yahoo Sports on Sunday that Kaepernick remains willing to play for any NFL team that wants to offer him a job. Both stressed that “any NFL team” includes the Redskins, in spite of longstanding criticism over the team’s logo and name, as well as team owner Dan Snyder having been one of the most critical owners on the issue of players kneeling during the national anthem.

Asked if Kaepernick would be willing to play for the Redskins as early as next week, one source replied, “He’s a professional Super Bowl-caliber quarterback and in the best shape of his life and he would play if given the opportunity on any NFL team.”

The worse Kaepernick played, the further into social justice he seemed to go. Perhaps his need to be a social justice warrior is exactly what ruined his career and caused him to be unwanted by thousands of fans.

One could speculate that sports and social justice simply do not mix, especially when the athlete is disrespecting the American flag during America’s favorite Sunday sport.

How will social justice warriors respond if Kaepernick plays for a team with an “offensive” name?


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