OPINION: I’m a High School student. I support President Trump.

As a millennial in 2018, I’m presumed to be a pro-abortion, anti-gun, socialist LGBT activist, all while dishing out liberal (pun intended) portions of hate towards our racist, sexist, and bigoted President. I’m expected to #Resist, to proclaim #NotMyPresident, and to “kick”, “get up in the face”, “push back”, and act “uncivil” towards anyone who associates with the political right.

But the expectations and the reality are wholly divergent to each other.

You see, I’m pro-life, I strongly support our 2nd Amendment, I’m a proud Capitalist, and I believe the LGBT pride to be immoral. No, I’m not a bearded biker from Texas. I’m just your conventional student trying to survive high school.  Hearing this, jaws drop, minds boggle, and people break out into a sweat as they whisper to their children to stay away. But to me, I’m just a believer in common sense.

I was never too politically oriented. I knew the rudimentary current events, I loosely identified as Republican (without really knowing the difference), but politics was way too full of sophisticated politicians, with even more sophisticated rhetoric, falling all over each other to promise the world, only to retreat as soon as they were elected to office. I’ll stick to my Yankees, thanks.

So, in 2015, when Donald Trump expressed his intentions to run for President, I chuckled along with everyone else. What did the dude know about running a country?

But then I heard what he had to say.

I heard about the need for border safety. I heard about the failures of the Affordable Care Act. I listened as The Donald described his tough foreign relations stance. I nodded along when he simply broke down his objectives to help businesses grow. I found myself aligned with the same frustrations that bothered Trump, and I surprisingly grasped his concepts, his policies, and best of all, his solutions.

He wasn’t polished. His talk wasn’t refined. And he wasn’t even (gasp!) politically correct.

But Donald J. Trump was the truth. Honest, raw, and sincere truth.

How could I argue on an America First policy? How could I poke fun if everything I had heard made so much sense to me? #MAGA, I was in.

Donald Trump catapulted me into to the rollercoaster ride that is politics. Agreeing with his ideas made me a conservative by default. I knew this ideology wasn’t concurred by all, but what I didn’t know was the intensity of the opposition. Practically every facet of information was controlled by liberal left wingers. The media, academia, and Hollywood had indoctrinated our country and sadly many people were completely enthralled with the dogma of leftism.

Immediately, I made it a point to not simply swallow what I heard. I started doing my own research. I learnt about the evils of socialism. I began to understand the liberty and freedom which is offered by the premise of Limited Government. I became appalled at the extent to which Liberals constantly and hypocritically lied, manipulated, and virtue signaled – all to just attain power.

Like I said, Conservatism is really common sensism.

I launched a vigorous mission to help spread conservatism among the youth. I spoke with classmates and teachers. I created a Twitter account with the aim to preach my political views. I also began opinion writing on controversial political topics.

I received positive feedback and negative feedback. Some people cheered me on, others sneered. But I push on. And no one, no amount of pressure, can hinder my passion. Knowing that I’m spreading truth empowers me. Truth can’t be twisted, slowed, or shot down – and neither can I.

I embrace the daily opposition I face. I enjoy the educational dialogue. And I learn new things every day.

So bring it, people. Let’s talk politics.


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