Over the course of the Trump presidency, the #MAGA movement on social media has enlarged to literally a Trump PR machine, where “Trump Train” conductors loop together thousands of Trumpers and Conservatives. Using the “follow back” technique, thousands of Twitter handles accumulate very sizable followings, thereby ensuring the spread of Conservatism throughout Twitter cyberspace.


There’s just one glitch.


  Jack Dorsey & Co. don’t really find Conservatism that appealing. The “free speech for all” and “First Amendment beacon” which is supposedly Twitter, is slowly but surely turning into to a “free speech for Liberals only” forum.

  From bigwigs like Alex Jones or James Woods to your regular Texas Trump supporter, QFD bans, shadowbans, and even complete bans are being doled out, and rather liberally, too (mind the pun). Ironically, however, people like Louis Farrakhan, a rabid and open anti-Semite, and even actual terror groups such as Hamas and PLO still retain accounts. Twitter prioritizes the account banning of an alternative political viewpoint over dangerous and violent rhetoric.


If I’m an American worried about what our children see on social media, I fear terrorist propaganda more than support for Donald Trump. (But hey, that’s just me.)


  The underlying problem here, in truth, is a whole lot bigger than just Twitter, Facebook, or Google. The big issue here is not the unfairness of social media companies. The root of the problem can be summed up in one sentence:


The Left hates the idea that there are other ideas.

  When the Left feels threatened by opposing ideas, they would rather screech, rip up your sign, and then run away. For the Left, actually listening to facts would be tantamount to racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and the rest of ‘em.

  For the Left, even resorting to violence is justified if that is the only means of silencing Conservative ideals. A Sanders Socialist shot up a Congressional baseball practice full of Republican lawmakers. Rand Paul was mauled by his liberal neighbor and suffered pretty serious injury – merely for the crime of being Conservative.  

 Influential Leftist politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, and Cory Booker have literally advocated for and/or disregarded violent actions and rhetoric toward people on the Right.

 Sarah Sanders, Stephen Miller, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and numerous other Republicans have been chased from restaurants and other establishments by their respective Liberal owners or patrons.

  The examples are never-ending, and, in fact, continue to be evidenced with each passing day.

  The biggest repercussion of this intolerance, I believe, is the impossibility of educational discourse. It is simply impossible to carry out a healthy debate if one side refuses to even listen to the other. In order to argue the advantages of your belief system, you must be able to disprove your opponent’s.

  The Left knows, however, that in essence, we Conservatives can debunk their common leftist claims. They know that history, facts, and common sense, all don’t allow for many of the liberal ideologies to stand. Therefore, it is far more conducive for them not to listen and manage to salvage their beliefs, than listen and see everything they’ve always believed in being torn apart.

 Can there be any other reason why DePaul University had to ban Conservative speaker and activist Ben Shapiro?

  If the faculty there was so sure that Shapiro was full of bull, why didn’t they just let him speak? Surely none of the smart, educated DePaul students would take any of that garbage seriously, would they? Of course, the faculty knew that Ben could, and would, likely convince students to actually change their liberal beliefs (gasp!) and start thinking more independently.

 The above is why social media has an almost compulsive obsession with banning Conservative ideals.

Intolerance is a disease. Unless the Left can begin to understand that discourse is good, that debate is healthy, we here on the Right are going to be dealing with a whole lot of disgruntled, intolerant, and usually crabby people for a long, long time.



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