T minus 21

President Donald J. Trump, in order to get paychecks for all the families impacted by the shutdown and get the Federal Government back to work, offered Democrats a compromise. He agreed to sign a 3-week continuing resolution (a funding bill that fully funds the Government for a set time period) in return for their agreement to negotiate in good faith. He is requesting the House of Representatives produce a budget resolution that meets the needs of the American People, the needs of Government, and the needs of the Country. As He is accountable for the safety of this country, he wants the resolution to include sufficient funding to adequately secure our Southern Border.


The storyline was a confrontation between a group of High School Students and a Native American Elder. The reality was that there was no violence and no words exchanged but despite that, the Internet went insane. This reaction was driven by the perception that one of the students, 16-year-old boy, “sneered” at a 60 plus year old man that had walked up to him and began to beat a ceremonial drum in his face for more than two minutes.

The Lenticular Interaction That Broke The Internet

Next time you find yourself in a heated debate with someone that seems to be looking at an entirely different reality than you are, take a step back and ask them to describe the picture they are looking at. Avoid disparaging their description or them as an individual and try to see the shades of their picture in yours. Ask them for the opportunity to describe your picture and try to help them see your outlines in their image. Maybe then, you can both discover the portrait that is created by laying the one image over the other and blending them for a richer landscape.

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